Petra Monaco

Artist, Author, Coach, Founder of
I inspire people who struggle with taking action to follow their dreams + focus on their goals so they can create the life they want.
The RebelΒ  Giveaway April 5th, 2021 – 18th, 2021

Where Personal Development meets Business! Because let's be honest if life is a struggle then that trickles into the business and if the business is a struggle that's going to show up in life!Β 

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Want to be part of the Rebel Shine Summit? We are talking about "Love Yourself" because we all could just give ourselves a little bit more attention than everything and everyone else in this world.

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The Rebels Den is a community for creatives, rebels, multi-passionate with a mission to change the world. Here at The Rebels Den, we are excited to shine the spotlight on you and help you grow your audience.

Here at The Rebels Den, we believe that you are here for a purpose and the world needs to know about it. We know what it’s like to start out and not being able to participate in Online Events due to the email list size requirement.Β 

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Best Year Giveaway January 25th, 2021 - February 5th, 2021

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Hello everyone, I'm super excited to welcome you all to theΒ  Rebels Den community forum.

I'm Petra, I founded The Rebels Den in January 2019 with the mission to support dreamers, rebels, creatives and multi-passionates in creating a life in which you are unapologetically yourself.

This Community is for you if you are ready to follow their dreams and focus on your goals - in other words to become a doer of things in away that supports you to be your best version of yourself without burning out.

It's FREE to join, learn, and discuss!

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